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Personalised Thank You Nurse Gift, 10cm Acrylic Heart, "Be proud" Message,Optional Gift Box



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Celebrate the incredible work of nurses with our 10cm Acrylic Heart featuring a UV-printed graphic of a nurse and an inspiring message. This heart-shaped acrylic piece showcases a nurse graphic and a heartfelt message that reads: "Be proud of the work you do, the brilliant person you are, and the difference you make!" Measuring 10cm in size, this acrylic heart can be purchased with or without a gift box. It is also available in various skin tones and hair shades, allowing you to personalise it according to your preference. Show your appreciation and admiration for nurses with this heartfelt and customizable gift!

UV Printed Nurse Graphic:

Our acrylic heart features a UV-printed graphic of a nurse prominently displayed on the front. The detailed graphic showcases the dedication and compassion that nurses bring to their profession. The vibrant colours and crisp details of the UV printing process truly bring the nurse graphic to life, making it an eye-catching tribute.

"Be proud" Message:

The heart-shaped acrylic piece is embellished with an empowering message that reads: "Be proud of the work you do, the brilliant person you are, and the difference you make!" This heartfelt message serves as a daily reminder for nurses to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment for their incredible contributions to healthcare.

Personalised with Skin Tones and Hair Shades:

We understand the importance of representation, which is why we offer personalisation options for the nurse graphic. You can select from different skin tones and hair shades to ensure that the nurse graphic truly reflects the individuality and diversity of the recipient or the nurse you are honouring. Choose the combination that best represents the nurse's unique appearance and celebrate their distinctive identity!

Optional Gift Box:

To make this gift even more special, consider adding the optional gift box. The elegant gift box provides a beautiful presentation and protects the acrylic heart during transit. It also adds an extra element of surprise and anticipation when giving this heartfelt tribute to a nurse. The gift box is designed to complement the acrylic heart's beauty and ensure it arrives in pristine condition.

Express Your Appreciation:

This 10cm Acrylic Heart is the perfect gift to express your appreciation and admiration for the remarkable work nurses do. Its personalisd nurse graphic, uplifting message, and optional gift box make it a thoughtful present for nurses on various occasions, such as Nurses' Day, graduation, promotion, or simply to show gratitude for their constant dedication and care.

Personalised items are exempt from refunds due to postal delays but will be refunded if Royal Mail considers these lost which is usually 10 working days after they should have arrived. These will of course be refunded to you.


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